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ZenCatsRoc is a behavioral solutions approach to helping guardians to understand & alleviate aversive behaviors in our companion animals. Specializing in feline wellness & welfare, ZenCatsRoc takes a positive reinforcement approach to modify problematic behaviors in cats, including but not limited to: inappropriate elimination, aggression issues, adverse scratching & overall environmental enrichment, bringing peace of mind to frustrated guardians &  a sense of calm to stressed out felines.


Who We Are

ZenCatsRoc is owned & operated by JR Henderson, a passionate advocate for cats and guardians alike. JR has worked with numerous individuals & local rescues & brings over 7,000 hours working one-on-one with cats, in homes & in shelter settings. JR is a graduate of, The Companion Animal Sciences Institute & holds a Diploma in Feline Behavior Science Technology. He is a proud member & contributor at, The Animal Training Academy, is constantly furthering his education & application of positive reinforcement based behavioral solutions, empowering & educating clients & achieving success with cats & people alike. 

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Teaching guardians and cats to celebrate thier inner cool and calm. Raw cats rock! 

Services offered

Services offered

Services offered

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ZenCatsRoc offers a convenient approach to behavioral modification by offering in home visits  and interviews with guardians and their cats to objectively assess the situation and work to develop and customize behavioral modification plans that are both practical and applicable to creating positive lasting changes that alleviate aversiveness and enhance the relationship between cats and guardians.
ZenCatsRoc process revolves around an initial home visit to assess the situation and interview guardians, working to understand the dynamic of the behaviors of concern. This initial consult generally lasts 2-3 hours and a cu plan is provided to guardians within 48 hours of this initial visit. JR will then do a check-in 1 week later to observe the implementation of the modification plan and assess any issues or ongoing concerns that may need to adjusted. A third and final follow-up visit will commence within 1 week of the check-in and will act to gauge progress and areas that may need to be further adjusted to ensure lasting change. While JR seeks to set each situation up for success and will share all tools and utilities to help alleviate behaviors of concern, guardians are expected to work toward the best of their abilities to implement and engage their cat and its immediate environment in the behavioral modification plans, as without effort and time applied the situation is not likely to correct itself. But, with this team approach if all parties working to ensure success, progress is usually seen within 1-2 weeks and with the tools and capabilities provided by ZenCatsRoc, lasting success is almost a surety.


Services offered

Services offered

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For the services described above ZenCatsRoc charges 180$, with 90$ due at the end of the initial home visit and an additional 90$ due after the final follow-up visit. Payments in the form of cash, check or money order only please.

included in this fee are: 

1) Initial home care visit, assessment and interview 

2) Behavioral Modification Plan (emailed you client within 48 hours of initial visit) 

3) Check-In visit 1 week after initial home care visit

4) Final follow-up visit 1 week after check-in visit

5) Final overview regarding areas of successes and areas of needed improvements with suggestions and resources (emailed within 48 hours after follow-up visit) 

Testimonials and Successes

Testimonials and Successes

Testimonials and Successes

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‘JR helped me to understand the best way to work with a feral cat I was fostering, by promoting social interaction and being better able to read calm body language. He established an effective plan to alleviate my cat, Rocko’s, spraying tendencies.’ —Vic R.

‘I was nervous about administering eye drops that were crucial for Millie. JR and I were able to come up with an action plan that was practical and comfortable for me and continues to work. Thank you!’ —Connie M.

‘Misty had been having problems not using her litterbox for months. I was running out of ideas and options. JR was able to offer unique and creative solutions, helping us to, ‘think outside of the box,’ if you will that helped us to better understand why Misty may have been having this issue and what factors could help to eliminate it. Her litterbox habits have gradually improved and we are happy to report that we feel better able to deal with such issues should they come up again in the future, thanks to ZenCatsRoc.’ —Connie & Jim F.

’JR has been a keynote speaker at Pet Pride’s Luncheon for the past two years and his wisdom, wit and practical experience regarding cats is both apparent and appreciated.’ Deb (Pet Pride of NY Inc., Shelter Manger, Ret.) 


Testimonials and Successes

Testimonials and Successes

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